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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Disneyland Fun vs. Disneyland Runs...

You know how when we were little and went to all those state fairs and amusement parks with the family? Remember how we were able to chow down a few hot dogs and take a few licks of the ole swirly ice cream cones and still get swung around on a Ring of Fire ride or Top Gun rollercoaster without being phased by the need to vomit or the heat of heartburn? Yeah well that isn't the case for me anymore and I'm only in my sophomore year of college. Disneyland is every kids dream, even for the big kids! Though I've been to the wonder park many times I just get so excited each time I plan the trip to the point that my stomach gets into a knot - yeah that's how my excitement rolls. But happy excitement isn't the only reason my stomach tends to knot.

So I could easily be one of those girls who don't eat park food so that I can prevent myself from getting sick - I mean you've heard of all of those horror stories about where those workers' hands have been, right? But I'm not the kind of girl who brings her own water bottle or granola bar to hold me over throughout the day - whoever heard of a granola bar holding a person over at an amusement park anyway? My point being is I'm a park food girl. I love to eat! I love to eat park food! Park food, yummmmmmmmm! I just can't stop myself - I cannot be stopped.

The riding of park rides and consuming massive amounts of grease and carbonation can sometimes lead to a deadly and unwanted combination when it comes to a fun day at the most

wonderful park in the world!

Sure, I've tried to hold back from eating the food or popping a few dozens Tums when I start to feel the burning sensation in my chest or the rumbling of stomach drums inside of me but since I'm pretty convinced that those little chalky tablets contain some of those chemicals that I just downed I am not totally convinced they're good for me - just sayin'.

For this trip I wanted something that was going to prevent me from feeling like my stomach lining was going to burn a hole through my skin. Since I'm mostly a natural kind of gal I searched for an antacid or something to help prevent me from regretting park food forever. My friend, Becca, told me about this all natural antacid tablet that Brainard's Natural Remedies. She said it totally worked for her since she took it so that she wouldn't get a burning and bloated feeling when she drank her Guinness accompanied with a burger. So I figure if these tiny circular wonders were able to help her get through a beer and a burger then they just might be able to help me get through a day in the wonder park and its hypnotizing food.

Did it work? Well is it any wonder now why I'm the Blueberry Mascot?

Oh and can you guess where I'll be this week?

Here's a clue:

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