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Life's Hunger is about feeding our cravings for adventure, beauty, happiness, laughter, love, comfort and prosperity.  We are in a time where discomfort whether if it's financial or physical; i.e. debt or heartburn but things are looking up and starting to feel better.  So we're challenging ourselves to fulfill our hunger for life and exploring the world around us - going beyond our comfort zones.  We'll be taking small visits to Disneyland and perhaps even epic ones like trekking the Andes (though that challenge hasn't yet been officially declared).

Consider this blog a sort of bucket list for the masses.  We'll be sharing our adventures and also welcome you, the reader, to share your happenings with us.  Follow our mascot, The Blueberry - sponsored by Brainard's Natural Remedies.

Perhaps we'll even take on a dare - who knows!  Don't just give yourself a taste of the good life - feed, eat, feast on it!