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A Life Without Heartburn

Life's Hunger is dedicated to promoting an active lifestyle for the masses.  We also promote a life without the discomfort of heartburn which is why we fully support Brainard's Natural Remedies.

Brainard’s Natural Remedies all natural blueberry chewable antacid tablets is the result of an accidental discovery. There was a realization that eating fresh blueberries helped relieve acid indigestion. Consequently, Elliott Brainard researched the ingredients in blueberries and other natural ingredients, which promote good digestion. Another result of this research was that most of the antacid products on the market today are made from nonabsorbent ingredients and chemicals that are bad for the digestive system. 

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), 15 million people suffer from heartburn each day. Brainard’s Natural Remedies blueberry antacid tablets neutralizes excess stomach acid and helps relieve occasional indigestion, while maintaining healthy stomach acids that the body needs for digestion. 

This all-natural antacid is made from a proprietary blend of blueberry fiber, pomegranate extract, bilberry extract, elderberry extract, calcium citrate and magnesium citrate for better absorption.  Brainard’s Natural Remedies antacids work similarly to the leading competitor’s products, but without the harmful chemicals, such as lead.

Finally there is a natural antacid product which helps relieve occasional acid indigestion.

Which means more time for fun and feeding our life's hunger!