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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blue(berry) Hawai'i

Aloha!!! Last week I was lucky enough to spend some quality time in the beautiful land of paradise; aloha, hula, and poi <--- try with caution! Although I didn't get to witness a lu'au or do some actual surfing I did chow down on some local grub.

Well, OK fine Hawaiian pizza isn't necessarily LOCAL but hey it is called HAWAIIAN pizza. So there. Anyway, as you may know my first and previous post that I love to eat and I'm not afraid of junk food. I figure I mine as well have some hawaiian pizza while I'm in Hawaii. BUT as you may also know my innards don't necessarily always agree with the food I consume. SO, I popped a yummy blueberry Brainard's Natural Remedies tablet before I grubbed down on the cheese-topped, pineapple pie. You see that tray up above? Yeah, I ate all that. Well, I shared some of it but I sure do like me some well made pizza. Growin' girl's gotta eat.

You see that shaka sign up above? That's what the locals do when they say "Hi!" or just whenever. It's like the equivalent of a thumbs up or high five. As to why it's called shaka - I have no idea but it's fun and well that pizza AND my non-indigestion deserved a Hawaiian Hi-5. Who came up with the idea of putting pineapples on pizza anyway?

I did try some actual local food - though very reluctantly...I like my food simple and the less green the better. But it seems like Hawaiian food is always wrapped in something green. I tried laulau - shredded pork wrapped in taro leaf and that was interesting but I wouldn't make it a part of my daily diet. Oh and poi? That stuff is NOT for me but it isn't bad on the digestive system which is nice. My friend suggested I try it with sugar, it wasn't as bad as it is plain but I won't be eating poi again.

The Thai food wasn't bad - I ate calamari and spring rolls. What? It was my first time. After tasting some of the Hawaiian food, I had to be careful with the Thai food. Maybe, MAYBE I'll try some Phat Thai next time. Maybe.

This guy? He tried to get me to surf. That wasn't happening but he did play a couple jams on his ukulele for me. Mahalo!

Aloha and shaka!

Stay tuned for my next adventure but in the meantime, what kind of adventures are you taking?

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