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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Get dirty!

Tomorrow, May 1st, 2010 in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico people will be happy to get dirty by way of Mud Bogging. Have you heard of it? It's similar to Off Roading but with mud and lots of it.

Mud boggin' or mud racing or mud running or mud drags or just muddin' is a growing sport in the States. It requires two things: powerful engines and a pit of mud. This mud usually forms a long trench, ranging from 1/8 of a mile to a mile, for the off road trucks to try and pass through.

If you live out in a rural area then you will know that mud boggin' is a competitive sport with many spectators. Winning a mud bog is usually as simple as getting through the trench but often enough few engines are actually able to get their trucks through to the other side without help. Only thing is if a truck gets stuck then that's the end of it for them but if everyone gets stuck then they judge by who was able to make it the furthest in the trenches. This is where people can't shy away from getting dirty.

If more than one person makes it out of the other side without assistance, the driver who accomplished this with the best time takes top spot. The driver needs to be sure that they have a vehicle that can handle the mud, sunken and elevated course if they hope to compete and/or win a typical mud bog. This means you should have a powerful engine that can keep on chugging, even when it's being worked far past its routine capacity. Many participants will stress the importance of jacking up your mudder and throwing on some big tires. Making a semi-monster truck to get you easily across.

Now that you've gotten an intro into mud boggin' go check out one. If you're in the Truth or Consequences, NM area then definitely check out that one and their sponsors like Brainard's Natural Remedies, the all natural antacid.

Get dirty!

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