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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tribute to Mojave Desert Deaths

There are many types of people in the world and they have many varying interests. However, there is a unique group of people who share a passion for off-road sports. These special individuals appreciate the freedom from their daily, regulated lives that off-road sports provide.

It’s the freedom to drive, ride on a race across the open landscape without rules, speed limits or authority telling them how they should be controlled. Unfortunately, the accident that happened last Saturday night took the lives of some fellow enthusiasts who were enjoying their sport. They went to the desert to participate, in their own way, and be a part of something they love.

A part of all of us who live for these sports was lost in this tragic accident. A part of all of us that realize the risks and dangers involved, but understand that’s what makes life worthwhile. It’s difficult for the families and friends left behind, the driver and co-driver in the vehicle, and for the rest of us, but understand that life’s passions are important to survive.

Remember these people for how they lived and enjoyed life. It’s sad that they are gone and the passing of time will heal those wounds for all of us. Live life and embrace the people around you who choose to share it with you.

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