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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Highlights from the KC Hilites Midnight Special

Joe Hengeveld signing autographs for the youngin's.
Elliott Brainard and Lindsey Carnett.
Just finished the first half of the race!
Elliott in front of the Henge racing vehicle.
Thumbs up for racing!
Elliott, the navigator.

Lindsey Carnett and I headed out to the desert this past weekend for the KC Hilites Midnight Special to cheer on the racers. The rundown below:

106 degrees and we’re driving through the Mojave Desert- I’m thinking “turn this car around! I’m not getting out of the air conditioned car!”. As I pass a sign saying “The Mojave Desert- your link to outerspace” and I watch a tumbleweed roll by I can’t help having the classic western movie tune play in my head. Doodledoo wah wah wah.

This past weekend I was out supporting Henge Racing in the KC Hilites Midnight Special in Ridgecrest, CA. As I walked around handing out samples I got to experience the off-roading culture. It was great to see how receptive everyone was to the Brainard's Natural Remedies antacids. After all the hotdogs, bean dip and beer they were all following me around for more!

Off roading was fun to learn about- the precision of gas mileage and high tech GPS systems. One of the Henge Racing driver's wife, Julie, was sitting with me explaining the math that goes into planning each race; from split times to gas mileage every thing was very precise - needed to be precise. Julie is pregnant and after noticing her discomfort from eating all of the racing food, we happily stocked her up with Brainard's Natural Antacids.

The intense race went from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am. Can you even imagine what the racers felt like afterwards? Or even during? Henge Racing did amazing well during the race, with a stuck throttle, fuel pump replacement, lights weren’t working correctly and a brake scare they still finished 5th!

I'd love to go to another but next time I bringing a pocket fan!

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