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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Joey Chestnut Wins 4th Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in a Row

Our previous post had the mention of eating contests, well we'd also like to mention that Joey Chestnut defeater of eating contest world champion Kobayashi won his 4th consecutive Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest. The past three competitions he had beat Kobayashi but this year he had a fly by victory since Kobayashi allegedly had a dispute with Major League Eating.

Not only did Chestnut win the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest on July 4th but he also received the victory Barbecue Belt for winning the ribs eating contest at Chinook Winds Casino and Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon on July 12, 2010. Chestnut, along with 13 other eaters, took on a pile of 10+ pounds of barbecued ribs - Chestnut jawing through 9.5 lbs. His first place victory keeps him on top of the world of competitive eating. He also earned himself $1,500 along with the aforementioned Barbecue Belt.

Chestnut started out in the competitive eating world while still a student at San José State University in 2005. He entered a deep-fried asparagus eating championship where he beat Rich LeFevre by eating 6.3 pounds of asparagus in 11.5 minutes. That same year, during Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, he downed 32 dogs, placing third behind Kobayashi and Sonya Thomas.

In 2006, Chestnut qualified for the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest by eating 50 hot dogs with buns. As July 4 approached, there was speculation that 2006 might be the year when Kobayashi would be beaten by the young Chestnut but it wasn't until the year after in 2007 that he would. Chestnut beat out Kobayashi with 66 hot dogs eaten; 3 more than the former reining champion.

It has been said that Chestnut trains by fasting and by stretching his stomach with milk, water, and protein supplements.Three days before winning a chicken-eating contest in Boston, in November 2005, Chestnut drank gallons of water in under one minute and ate buffalo wings to get his stomach accustomed to them.

Who knew there was such a hefty regimen for competitive eating?

Have you ever witnessed a bonafide eating competition? Tell us about it.

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